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Playability and tone are critically important to the working guitarist and affordability is what makes these things possible for the average gigging musician. These three ingredients are at the center of focus at Hiebner guitars along with an atempt to reproduce the qualities of the classic electric guitars so many of us have grown to love and depend on.

Hiebner guitars are finished with authentic Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer in the classic original colors offered in the 1950's and 1960's. Guitars built in this era are considered the "Holy Grail" of guitars and something all modern guitars are judged by today. Make no mistake traditional manufactures are churning out very nice playable guitars in price ranges all across the spectrum. Modern machine cut bodies and necks and other factory technics have shown that it is possible to produce thousands of guitars that are identical. Thick polyurethane factory paint produces a durable finish that shines and protects the wood of the guitar. The problem is most of these guitars no longer resemble something made from wood. They take on a sort of synthetic hard plastic look and feel. This same process makes it nearly impossible to get the tones and feel that were achieved by the "Holy Grail" originals no matter how many times you change the pickups.

Each Hiebner Guitar produced is truly one of a kind. Even two Hiebners with the same specifications (ie) Same color, same body wood, and same type pickups still have their very own unique identity.Tone comes from a combination of pickups, type of finish, thickness of finish, body wood, neck wood and fretboard type, joint fit, bridge and nut materials used and even tuning machines used. Much attention is given to these details at Hiebner Guitars and attention to details makes the difference.